Free Lunch for All Students starting Sept. 14th

The USDA has decided to give all families free lunch until the end of Dec 2020 or until funds are used up. If you would like to participate in this program please fill out this form. 

Students can enjoy their free lunch at school and then take home a free sack lunch as they leave the campus on their hybrid school day to use the next day in remote learning from home. 

We will not be offering lunch delivery. Students who are doing online learning only can pick up their lunch at the school at 10:30 am. Kindergarten students can take their lunch home each day at pick up.

We will need all parents to fill out this form by Sept 13th if you are planning to get free lunch. When funds are depleted we will go back to families paying and our regular NSLP program. Please e- mail the lunch department with any questions. 

Lunch Prices

1st-5th Grades $3.05

6th-8th Grades $3.05

Reduced Lunch $.40

Milk, $.35

Adult Lunch, $3.95

School lunch can be purchased through My School Bucks